"Handle With Care"

Important information regarding your all natural products.

Just as nature handles our bodies with care, natural ingredients ask to be treated kindly...

• Please follow all product directions carefully. Due to the natural properties of our BioBody and BioHome Elixirs some products may need to be mixed or blended before use. Improper use of products may also cause rash, irritation or other minor health issues. If rash or irritation occur discontinue use.

• Because we do not use any synthetic stabilizers or preservatives some BioBody and BioHome Elixirs may change consistency as they respond to their environment.

• Coconut Oil has a melting point of 75˚F. Please store all products containing Coconut Oil upright in a cool place to prevent leakage and melting. If melting and/or separation occur mix as needed and return to cool environment or refrigerate until original consistency is achieved.

• Please check the shelf life on the label of each product and use within that time period.

• The FDA has not approved any of the products or statements produced by Leanne R. Designs© or [Terra]cotta Paste™. Click here for more information.

• All of our plastic containers are BPA free. Please recycle all containers and packaging. Customers may return containers for up to $20 off their next purchase. Click here for details.

Finally, enjoy your all natural products and their benefits! Feel good about what you're using on your body and home and know that you are doing your part to protect Mother Nature!

“If you desire truly to live you will cease trying to find magic tricks and short-cuts to life and learn the simple laws of being, and order your life in conformity with these. Realign your life with the laws of nature—this and this alone constitutes living to live.”
-Herbert M. Shelton, Getting Well