Hi, I'm Leanne.

I am a self-taught herbalist passionate about creating products that are 100% honestly good and good for you. I live for food, I've seen every episode of That 70's Show about 100 times and despite my love for nature, I don't have a green thumb. I enjoy yoga, hiking (or any outdoor adventure) and -- did I mention? -- eating. Creating [Terra]cotta Paste was a big part of my journey to a healthier lifestyle and I am honored to be able to help my customers start their journey as well.





Here's how [Terra]cotta Paste began...

I had had moderate acne since I was 12 and struggled with a solution to acne and the scars it left for years. I had tried everything in the drugstore without avail. One day I had an epiphany and realized that I needed to start nurturing my skin instead of punishing it. I started shopping for skin care solutions at the health food store and even tried special supplements and diets to heal from the inside out. While some things helped temporarily, I still hadn't found a solution that I could stick with or that stuck with me.

One day I was browsing around the local "Bargain Books" when, naturally, I was drawn to the "Health and Wellness" section. There I stumbled upon a book that would, essentially, change my life. The Essential Natural Health Bible by Nerys Purchon contained A-Z herbs and essential oils, remedies for common conditions and even some skin care recipes. One of the first recipes I created and loved from this book was a scrub containing raw honey, oatmeal, milk and almonds. While the [Terra]cotta Paste recipe differs from the original that inspired me, "Leanne's Honey Almond Scrub" has become a staple in the [Terra]cotta Paste product line as well as my daily skin care regimen.

I soon found myself scrubbing away dead skin cells in the shower while running my imaginary pitch for a life-changing acne solution through my head on a daily basis. I had recently discovered Apple Cider Vinegar and all of its amazing benefits when I decided to whip up a few new blends that I was sure would eliminate my acne once and for all. After using the contestants for a few weeks, not all of them made the cut. Luckily the "ACV Toner" picked up their slack. This was my first huge breakthrough that sprouted the motivation to develop an entire skin care line -- one that fulfilled all of my personal needs as well as those of my prospective customers. See my personal "ACV Toner" before and after photos here.

It's been a long journey to where I am today, but the journey is far from over. [Terra]cotta Paste continues to improve and grow every day in order to provide products and insight catered to those who seek change. With each new discovery comes inspiration that fuels the next experiment. Follow the [Terra]cotta Paste Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to stay in the loop on what's next in our journey.

"If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail."
-Winston Churchill

Ever wonder who Ben is?

If you've had a look around our site or have tried and fallen in love with "Ben's Magic Salve" you've probably wondered at some point, "Who is this 'Ben'?" Well, Ben is my partner in crime ... and, of course, the reason "Ben's Magic Salve" was developed. Now that I mention it, he might be the whole reason I started this business. Ben's Magic Salve was the first "real" product ever made -- before [Terra]cotta Paste was even imagined.

Ben enjoys creating "substance" (awesome objects made out of wood and metal), daydreaming about Toyota Hiluxes and playing video games. Ben works hard, which means his hands do, too. "Ben's Magic Salve" was created just for him -- to heal worn-out hands and, more importantly, to replace *cringe* Vaseline! Since the very beginning Ben has been there to learn and grow with me and to provide the motivational support I need to keep [Terra]cotta Paste moving in the right direction.


Corey Anne Photography

Corey Anne does a beautiful job of showcasing our products with her outstanding product photography. Though her passion is photographing motorcycle races and natural settings, she happily volunteers her talents to [Terra]cotta Paste in exchange for our hand-crafted products. As a companion of mine of many years, Corey not only brings our products to life visually, but is also a valued and reliable partner when it comes to both product production and executive decisions.



Meet Mary!

Mary is [Terra]cotta Paste's newest member (and a trusted friend of Leanne's), but surely not one to be taken for granted! She has generously volunteered her time, eager to hone her product creation skills. Outside of the kitchen, she is our market maven – expertly educating customers on both the benefits and pure enjoyment of our products. Her enthusiasm, generosity, positivity & business know-how are all priceless gifts so gratefully received by Leanne and the rest of the TP crew!